Words swords words.

I'm a contributor on this week's Hidden Brain podcast on NPR!

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I'm a huge podcast fan. I listen to them constantly; on my commute, when I'm having problems sleeping, while I'm out doing the grocery... (I used to work in radio, so perhaps it should be no surprise). I'm thrilled to share that I was chosen to contribute to this week's episode of NPR's Hidden Brain podcast!

In early December, Hidden Brain put out the call for contributors for an upcoming episode on language, the brain (of course), multilingualism, and how these things shape our views of the world we live in. I jumped on the opportunity to submit some content on a topic about which I feel so passionate.

The episode came out this week, and I invite you to learn one of my favourite untranslatable words, and listen along to the other contributors for a crash course on psycholinguistics, neuropsychology, cognitive science  — and to discover how your worldview is shaped by the languages you speak!

Jennifer Geacone-Cruz