Words swords words.

I'm open for new projects and collaborations

That could be me, writing a post for you.

That could be me, writing a post for you.

We're at the mid-point of the year, a season for new things to start. My calendar now has space for both long-term and short-term projects — and I'm on the lookout for new creative partners and collaborators.

Let's talk about us

Here's an idea of the types of organisations, companies, projects, and competencies I like to work with. I'm multidisciplinary, so I'm also open to different combinations of things, too. 

Who you are:

  • You can be a project, company, product, publication, or organisation at any stage of growth or maturity. 
  • You should be dynamic, forward thinking, innovative, flexible, and open to participating in radical candour.
  • You must value creativity, inquisitiveness, diversity, inclusivity, the power of content, sensitivity to the big picture, and the benefits of process.

What you're looking for:

  • Original, memorable storytelling for your brand or product
  • Smart, witty copywriting that captures your brand and your audience
  • Clear, on-brand communications strategy
  • Repeatable, scalable content infrastructure
  • A dynamic, big-picture-thinking content strategy and the content to put in it
  • A chatbot with a purpose (and a marketing vertical)
  • Consulting on language technology and language-learning products

A little bit about me:

I'm based in Berlin, but oh, the places I go — and I'm very experienced with making the most out of the enormous potential of distributed teams.

Things I do:

  • Create chatbots and conversational models with personality and a marketing strategy
  • Facilitate a more cohesive and better-communicated product or project
  • Design repeatable and scalable processes for content, PR, and brand identity
  • Direct an engaging brand personality and story
  • Deliver consistent, on-brand messaging to the media and other external parties
  • Navigate the world of language-related technology and products, translation, and linguistics
  • Improve documentation quality and process (especially for front-end projects)

Projects I'm looking for:

  • Conversation Design
  • Language Technology and Consulting
  • Content Infrastructure Design
  • Product Personality and Identity Design
  • Brand Identity and Storytelling
  • Content Direction, Strategy, and Marketing
  • Public Relations and Brand Ambassadorship
  • any combination of the above, or any of the other services I offer

If you're just starting... 
I can help you define your mission, goals, story, and help you craft a cohesive digital brand persona. 

If you're busy evolving... 
I can help you communicate who you are at this phase of your identity.

If you've been around the block... 
I can help you break out of the routine and bring a fresh perspective to your image and process.