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Fronteers and Language Show Recap!

October is almost up, and my month of conferences is heading into the homestretch. Here's a recap of what went down in Amsterdam at Fronteers Conf and the Language Show in London, with info on how you can share your post-Brexit language education stories.


I had a blast in Amsterdam earlier this month with the Fronteers Conf crew! Was great to see some old friends (Flaki, @misprintedtype —I'm talking about you), make some lovely new ones, and even bond with some colleagues from Estonia!

Big highlights for me were meeting the lovely Fronteers crew (you all are the best!), hanging with Emjogineer Monica Dinculescu, experiencing a mobileVR livecoding demo by Ruben van der Leun, and having some darkly funny and emotional moments with the unstoppable Jason Scott.

Travelling while recovering from illness is never easy, and I was dealing with a few hitches along the way but my hosts found me a great doctor and I was up and running again in no time. Thanks to everyone from Fronteers and Amsterdam who made my stay a wonderful one, and for the opportunity to speak about mobile web in Japan!


From Amsterdam I went directly on to London, where I caught up with my Lingvist team and met up with my fellow language lover Dimitris Polychronopoulos from for the Language Show Live, where we ran a panel for British language educators and administrators. Was really fantastic to hear teachers speaking so passionately about their own classroom and personal experiences with the relevancy of language education in post-Brexit UK! If you've got a story to share, you can do that — and get links and sources from our panel presentation here. You can find the deck here, on Speakerdeck.

A big thank you to Dmitris for inviting me to collaborate — we're already cooking up our next project! And another thank you to the Language Show Live for having us and being gracious hosts!

Next up... the Polyglot Conference in Reykjavík where I'll meet up with Dimitris again to road trip to some of Iceland's natural wonders, and hang out with fellow Berlin polyglot, Esperanto rockstar, and Amikumu founder Chuck Smith.