Lang Fest 2018 Challenge

LangFest 2018 Défi Challenge


Yup, that's me trying to speak Estonian. It's riddled with mistakes, and I don't care.

"But, why?", you ask.

Several reasons:

  • I've decided to take part in the LangFest Language Défi (challenge).

  • I've been learning Estonian for the last two years on an off, more seriously since April.

  • Making mistakes is totally fine with me, and it should be with you too. (Blogpost on this coming soon!)

  • I worked hard to get my point across and tried to speak spontaneously. It's the first time I've done it in Estonian outside of my lessons with my awesome tutor, Derek.

  • It's completely different than any other language that I've studied in the past.

  • I've spent a lot of time in Estonia the last two years.

Want a transcript of what I said? Send me a mail!

Viru Raba bog, Estonia, August 2017.

Viru Raba bog, Estonia, August 2017.

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