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Rails Girls Summer of Code

Since 2015 the open-source project I work on, LivingStyleGuide has participated in Rails Girls Summer of Code, an coding bootcamp and scholarship program for female and non-binary members of the development community all over the globe. LSG is proud to support diversity, inclusivity, and the knowledge sharing that holds up the open-source community we care about so much.

Startup Wiseguys

Startup Wiseguys is a European accelerator program based in the CEE region. The 3-month program takes place in either Tallinn, Estonia or Riga, Latvia. I've served as a Marketing, Content, and Branding Mentor for the B2B Saas track since 2017, helping startups to evolve their identity, scale their content, and discover the importance of quality content strategy.



CSS Classes

CSS Classes is the best place to learn CSS in Berlin. An inclusive, diverse community of coders from all walks of life and experience levels come together with those wanting to learn, to foster a mutual learning experience. I took my first steps in CSS after a long time away fro the terminal at CSS Classes, and I'm grateful for the proactive, positive community that they provided to me — and I only hope I can give back in kind to those who've come after me. Run by the wonderful humans at Open Tech School Berlin and is a featured event at CSSConf EU.