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Get a preview of my panel topic & a Language Show discount

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Want a peek at what my upcoming panel at London's Language Show Live will be like? Here's how to get a sneak preview...

My co-panelist Dimitris Polychronopoulos authored a blogpost hosted on the Language Show's blog, in which we present some of the concrete teaching strategies we'll be covering in more depth on the panel, as well as a call for testimonials from educators, administrators, families, and students to help us to include real-life examples and interview material in our session. 

If you or someone you know might be interested in sharing their story or experience with us, we can be contacted via email or on Twitter, or via the information found at the end of our piece for the Language Show.

In addition you can receive a 10% discount on entry (£9 with discount) to the Seminar Programme, at which the panel is being presented. Get your discount here, and feel free to share it!