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Speak French with confidence, a how-to

With LangFest in Montréal coming up in a month, I'm getting a lot of last-minute questions about brushing up on French before heading to Québec.
 The truth is, I never had fear of French like some people do. I totally understand how and why it can be an intimidating language to learn, but much like when I'm asked about learning Japanese or German, I'm always going to say the following:

Go read the actual piece... there are cat gifs involved.

Go read the actual piece... there are cat gifs involved.

Feel the fear and do it anyway. 

It helps to have some tips and tricks, though. It's why I developed this piece for the Lingvist blog.

If you're heading to Montréal this August for LangFest and plan to use French, there might be something useful for you there — especially if you're in that intermediate group I'll be presenting about. If you're just starting out with French, the tips in the piece could help you concentrate your studies and not get freaked out or discouraged by some of the points and quirks you might encounter.


Have you used any of the tips in the article? How did they work for you? Let me know in the comments!